The ‘List‘

1.	Royce Concert Hall Performance

The legendary stage of Royce Hall is a venue where the world’s best musicians, speakers, and theatrical performers have come to share their talent and intellect. Make sure you make it to at least one of these events because they can be epic.

2.	Melnitz Movies

Free to the UCLA community, Melnitz Movies are film screenings of current and past films, both domestic and internationally made. Put on by graduate film students, why not watch a free movie rather than pay 10 bucks and leave campus? 

3.	Fowler Museum

Not all schools have their own museum on campus. The Fowler “explores the global arts and cultures with an emphasis on the works from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas.” So take advantage of this culturally unique experience. 

4.	Tightrope Walking near Janss Steps

It might seem impossible to walk barefoot on a tight rope attached to two trees (it was for me). Next time you see them set up on the lawns near Janss Steps, don’t be afraid to stop by. They’re really nice.

5.	Attend Professional Guest Speaker/Lecturer

Being one of the most acknowledged and respected educational institutions in the world, UCLA attracts many speakers on various topics almost every other day all over campus. Check the UCLAHappenings website for all the information and updates. 

6.	Underground Tunnels

Many have explored the controversial steam pipe tunnels connecting the school through underground pathways. I am not advocating this act, rather informing you on its existence.

7.	UCLA Music Department Performance

The School of Music offers a several types of student performances from bands, orchestras, instrumentals, solo and ensemble acts. Support your fellow Bruins and go to shows for a great listening experience. 

8.	UCLA Hall of Fame 

Holding the records for most NCAA championships, the illustrious UCLA sports legacy is compiled through memorabilia, pictures, videos, and many displays at the J.D Morgan Center (Athletic Administration Building). 

9.	Planetarium and Telescope Shows

UCLA Astronomy Dept. sets up shop atop the Math and Sciences building with telescopes aiming at different constellations. Everyone’s really helpful and its not only fun but also an educational experience. Its free, no tickets needed, just show up! 

10. Play Tennis at Sunset Courts

Many of us have swung a bat, shot a basketball, and kicked a soccer ball…so why not use the tennis courts UCLA and swing a racket?  Have an alternate game you can play on campus.

11. Frisbee Golf on the 13th floor of Broad Arts Center

One of the tallest buildings on campus, many people take the elevator up to the 13th floor balcony to capture breathtaking views of the UCLA campus, Century City, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, and Hollywood Hills. Others, however, compete with each other by taking frisbees to hit certain markers on campus.

12. Attend Concert at UCLA 

Although you have to stand in a long line or just try to finagle a wristband, the past two years has had performances by Jay-Z and J. Cole, respectively. They have big shows about once or twice a year so make sure you keep an eye out.

13. Dinner for 12 Strangers

Something extremely unique to UCLA, the Student Alumni Association sets up dinners for 12 UCLA students, Alumni, and a professor at the alumnus’ home. This is an extremely personal event that allows networking, making new friends, and brings together the UCLA community.

14. Play Soccer at Drake Stadium or the Intramural Fields. 

Always seeing people play pick up soccer games on the center field at Drake or the IM fields, you just have to give it a try for yourself. You never know, you might end up playing with a few of the UCLA soccer team athletes.

15. Undie Run (Jump into Inverted Fountain Quarter before Graduation)

It’s Midnight on Wednesday night of Finals week…what do you do?? That’s right, strip down to your underwear, meet other partially naked students at the ‘grassy hill’ on the corner of Gayley and Strathmore, and run through the 419 acres of land we call school. The spring quarter before your graduation it is customary for all seniors to jump into the inverted fountain in front of Franz Hall! 

16. Make Out in Sculpture Garden

Nothing is more romantic than having a little smooching session with your significant other at one of the nations “distinguished outdoor sculpture gardens”.  Day or night, pick a bench and don’t go too far with the PDA.

17. Participate in Midnight Yell

Everyone needs a break from studying for finals. Usually, most students are up into the wee hours of the night remembering how to solve physics equations or adding another few pages to their research essay. Every night at midnight during finals week everyone steps outside, starts yelling at the top of their lungs to release some tension, and has a few minutes of fun doing it.

18. De Neve Late Night Meal

Pizza, chicken strips, burgers and fries are just a few of the things you can munch on from the De Neve dining hall that offers a few “late night” options between 9pm-12am. 

19. Attend a Fraternity Quarterly Party

UCLA has an active ‘Greek’ life with Frat row on Gayley, supplemented with those on Strathmore, and Levering. It may or may not be your scene but it is good to check out what a huge college party is like. If you’re a guy, know someone in the house to get in… or take a lot of girls with you.

20. Play Frisbee/Soccer in front of Royce Hall

The large lawns in front of Royce and Powell are always filled with students taking a break from their daily routine. You might be in between classes or done for that day, so kick off your shoes and reminisce your childhood by playing on the grass.

21. Sign up for a Class at Wooden Center 

The Wooden Center is more than a weight room, racquetball and basketball courts. The top level offers several instructional classes from Salsa to traditional African dance classes. UCLA Rec.  also offers a plethora of outdoor activities you can do with your fellow Bruins. 

22. Get Published in Daily Bruin

The Daily Bruin is a big deal. Our student newspaper started in 1919 has a current daily circulation of 18,000 copies, reaching about 56,000 students and faculty a day. Do what you can to either write an article for the paper, or get written about. 

23. Get 100% on a Midterm/Final once every Year.

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but to others (especially with weird curves) this can be an arduous task. Do it not only for your GPA, but as a personal achievement to keep you going.

24. Play Ping Pong at Rieber Hall

I will note once again, hard work cannot be sustained without some sort of play. Also, playing ping-pong, or any such table sport at the dorms, is a way to bond with your classmates, roommates, suitemates and meet other bruins.

25. Lead a UCLA 8-Clap

This is one of the ultimate forms of showing your UCLA pride. Done primarily for sports games, the 8-Clap is an expressive symbol representing your support of UCLA and your team.

26. Study at Night Powell 

Many studious individuals cannot study anywhere but the library. Powell Library introduced a new kind of “all nighter”, keeping the library open from 11pm-7:30 am. A lot of the times, right around 4am, where your brain and body functioning seizes to work, you will see most all students comfortably sleeping and drooling on their notes.

27. Try out Salsa Troupe on Bruinwalk 

When things begin to settle down during the early evening hours on the main walkway on campus, several different dance groups meet to learn a new dance. It could be hip-hop, salsa, etc., and they are very willing to help anyone willing to jump in.

28. Spend a Day Swimming and Hanging out at Sunset Rec.

This is what college is supposed to be. Sunset Rec. is basically a huge park for all of UCLA right behind Hedrick summit. With several pools, a volleyball court, and a huge grassy area, there is no where better to take in the Southern California sun than with your friends hanging out on a weekday afternoon.

29. Play on the Pauley Pavilion Court

The legendary court that Coach Wooden and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once dominated is a place every Bruin should try to get on and shoot a few baskets. 

30. Try to Catch a Squirrel 

UCLA is infamous for its squirrels with absolutely no shame. You see them pop out of trashcans right when you walk by, follow you eating something, or creep up on you when your sitting outside somewhere. They’re everywhere and you’ll see an uncountable amount everyday. Why not have some fun and go after one of them…who’s the one scared now?

31. Find Your Special Area on Campus

The beautiful UCLA campus is huge and there are several nice places, outdoor and indoor, which you will naturally find to be most fitted for you. If you want to take a breather, have lunch, or read for a class while on campus, find that spot (or spots) where you enjoy the most and secretly make it your own.

32. Try at least Five different Food Trucks

Food trucks to UCLA are a new phenomenon. After the beginning of reconstruction of the ‘Bomb Shelter’ (the South Campus eatery), UCLA began to bring in different popular food trucks to the Court of Sciences. With another truck now added right by the Anderson School on Westwood Plaza Dr., it seems these trucks (which change daily) will stay even after the ‘Bomb Shelter’ opens. 

33. Watch a Game at the LA Tennis Center

As Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics, the LA Tennis Center was the venue for most all the tennis matches. Be in 1 of the 5,800 seats available to follow the bright yellow ball and root for your Bruins.

34. Join Several Student Organizations

Whatever field or industry you’re interested in pursuing UCLA boasts hundreds of student run, faculty moderated clubs. Groups like Animal Law Society, the Malaysian Students Association, or the Sports and Entertainment Business Network are just a glimpse to the variety of opportunities the school offers for you to get involved. 


35. Hammer Museum/Billy Wilder Theater

Operated by UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture, The Hammer is primarily filled with contemporary artwork. It is also home o the Billy Wilder Theater, opened in 2006, which is used to screen movies chosen by UCLA’s Film and Television Archive. 

36. Movie Premiere in Westwood   

You’re in LA, home of Hollywood. Even if you tried, you couldn’t get away from the influence of entertainment and show business. Movie premieres have been around for over a 100 years and the Fox Theater has been around for 80 of those years. It has been one of the main venues for major studio film premiers and UCLA students should take advantage of that experience. 

37. Diddy Riese

If one food institution is a symbol of the whole of Westwood Village and UCLA, it would be Diddy Riese. Expect to always wait in a line wrapping around the building for affordable high quality cookies and brownies. They’re known for their ice cream sandwiches which takes two cookies of your choice and puts a scoop of ice cream in between them. 

38. Geffen Playhouse Production

The theater is named after media mogul David Geffen after he donated $5 million to the nonprofit performing arts center. Owned by UCLA since 1993, the Playhouse offers 5 plays per season and is a way to enrich your already cultured minds. 

39. Attempt Big Fat Fatty at Fat Sal’s

This, my friends, is challenge that is humanly impossible. A 27-inch sandwich that includes cheeseburgers, pastrami, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, fries and several other insanely artery clogging ingredients is the extreme food challenge by Westwood’s new eatery, Fat Sal’s. Co-owned by “Turtle” from Entourage, you should try these unique sandwiches even if you’re not doing the challenge. 

40. Try Bella Pita

Other than Fat Sal’s, Bella Pita is another Westwood Village staple. Owned by a UCLA professor, nowhere is more popular for a late night bite. What makes it fun is that you can customize each sandwich with their toppings bar including hummus, spicy sauce and different vegetables. 

41. Maloney’s/ Ohara’s

Originally Maloney’s before new management took over, Ohara’s (still referred to as Maloney’s) is the epitome of the college town bar. If it’s either for pint night Tuesdays or party night Thursdays, you can’t go wrong going here with a few friends. Music bumping, beers flowing and fellow Bruins having a good time together.


42. UCLA v. USC Game

One of the most notable rivalries in all of sports history, the UCLA/USC feud is part of being a Bruin. It is claimed that many train themselves to shutter at the sound of the opposite school’s name, which only 12 miles across the city. So any game you choose to go to it will undoubtedly be intense, fun, and definitely worth going.

43. The John Paul Getty Museum

Three miles away from campus, overlooking the entire Westside, sits the most famous museum in all of Los Angeles. Oil tycoon once named the richest American ever, J. Paul Getty compiled an art collection worth over $660 million that became the basis of the museum today. With 1.3 million visitors annually, many from abroad, us Bruins are very lucky to have this gem in our backyard. 

44. Starline Tours

We see them driving everywhere. Tourists sitting in a open top van with several cameras trying to take pictures of celebrity houses, hoping to catch a glimpse of the owner. Mostly driving up and down sunset throughout Bel Air and Beverly Hills, which is where our campus is located, why not blow off some steam by trying something different for a few hours with friends and explore your surroundings. 

45. Hike to Hollywood Sign

The most emblematic symbol of Los Angeles is the famous Hollywood sign. Take advantage of the incredible Southern California weather and hike up to the sign that you see in films and TV.

46. Griffith Observatory

Up on the mountain at the foot of the trail up to the Hollywood Sign is the landmark Griffith Observatory. Home to some of the best panoramic views of LA, it’s a famed tourist spot and not only has space and science related exhibits, but telescopes for your to look up into space. 

47. Santa Monica Pier

Another one of those places Bruins can take advantage of due to their location is the Santa Monica pier. Only 6 miles away from school, put on some trunks and either hit the beach or walk on the pier to either get your name etched on a grain of rice or a cartoon picture of yourself and your friends. Try the restaurants, eat the churros, ride the ferris wheel and have a good time.

48. Venice Boardwalk/Beach Drum Circle

The Venice Boardwalk is home to Muscle Beach, waterfront basketball and tennis courts, and small businesses/eateries selling interesting things. It’s had its fair share of attention in media pop culture and because of UCLA’s location its close by. After walking the Boardwalk stay until sunset where people bring their drums, congas, percussions etc., and start drumming away and dancing with the crowd.

49. USC Prank

Every year before the big UCLA v. USC both schools wait in anticipation not only for the kickoff, but also if to see if the enemy will somehow infiltrate their schools and leave a mark. In 1953 UCLA student sawed off Tommy Torjans sword and welded it to his back. In 2009 USC students spilled red and gold paint on the Bruin Bear even though it was boxed. I’m not promoting pranks, however be aware and possibly help to protect our school.

50. Visit Hollywood Blvd.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Roosevelt Hotel, El Capitan, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Kodak Theater, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood Blvd. holds all these famous spots. Although not a accurate representation of what LA is or was, its history and significance cannot go unnoticed.